GridData Pressure Loss and Flow Regime Analysis

The Grid Data standalone program is designed to compliment the WinHeat direct fired heater, thermal rating program. This program allows the user to pretest complicated process grid data prior to attempting to use in the WinHeat software. The grid data can be setup using either the WinHeat software or the GridData software, but it is recommended that GridData be used for input, and the gird data be tested using the Test Grid Data Form, prior to using with Winheat. GridData may also be used to run a tube by tube analysis of a data set such as that for a fired heater. The program will input data from the Fired Heater Mechanical Data file, if available, or it may be input directly into the Griddata program. If the WinHeat data file was saved after the thermal run, then all data will be available, if not, the data will need to be suplemented with manual inputs.

The grid data input form, available from either the WinHeat or the GridData program allows user to easily input the necessary process data.

The output from the software is similar to that shown below.

The software may also be used to test the grid data, using the following form.