WinFlow Ducting, Piping And Stack Draft Analysis

Ducting systems can be designed and analyzed for almost any configuration, while two fan and one fan air preheat systems can be set up automatically by the software. This can be used to size both the ID and the FD fan automatically for air preheat systems or manually for other systems. This software will also analyze Piping systems with up to seventy-five components and up to ten process streams. Stack and heater draft calculations can be performed within the heater rating program or externally in this stand-alone program. The heater stack will be sized to the parameters specified including the required arch pressure in the heater.


Ducting System Analysis

  • Cogeneration ducting systems

  • HRSG duct systems

  • Fired heater combustion air preheat systems

  • Kiln transport ducting systems

Some of the features available
  • Automatically configures and sizes two fan, balanced air preheat systems.

  • Automatically configures and sizes one fan, forced air preheat systems.

  • Point by point analysis with input and calculated values.

  • Inlet point summary table for quick review of system design.

  • Dynamic, static and total pressures calculated and output for each point.

  • Ability to input user defined devices and conditions.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Piping System Analysis

  • HRSG Superheater, Evaporator, and Economizer piping

  • Hot Oil System piping

  • Fired Heater systems

  • Or just a simple pipe run

Some of the features available
  • Point by point analysis with input and calculated values.

  • Up to ten process streams can be described and used.

  • Up to fifty piping components can be described for system.

  • Steam and water properties calculated by program.

Stack and Heater draft analysis

  • Fired heater stack sizing

  • Analysis of existing heaters and stacks

  • Complete heater draft analysis

Some of the features available
  • Elevation is considered in density calculations.

  • Humidity at ambient temperature is taken into account.

  • Program calculates pressure loss across convection tubes.


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